Q. What does a student wear to dance class? Is there a strict dress code?
A. We do not enforce a strict dress code.  Dancewear such as tights and leotard (any color) is recommended and preferred but anything that enables freedom of movement is acceptable (jeans are not acceptable). Shoes depend on the type of class: Tap and ballet students should have their dancing shoes (tap shoes/ballet slippers) by the third lesson. The same goes for jazz students, who should wear soft comfortable shoes such as jazz shoes or ballet slippers.  All of your dancewear needs can be met in the dancewear shop on our premises.

Q. I understand that some dance schools do not allow their less-experienced students to perform in their year-end recital. Do you?
A. Dancing is a performing art. We feel strongly that a performance is the high-light of a dancer’s experience, something for them to look forward to and to strive for. So, all of our students, regardless of level, are invited to perform in our June recital and also in our Winter Holiday Show.

Q. How old does my child have to be in order to start dance classes?
A. A child should be at least 3 years old to start in one of our DanceXtra classes. But we also offer Mom & Tot classes for children as young as a year and a half (Mom takes part in the class along with her Tot).

Q. If your classes have already started for the year is it too late to enroll?
A. We have year-round enrollment so it’s never too late! Our teachers know how to make newcomers feel welcomed in a class that has already started.

Q. I would like to come in and look the Dance Center over before committing myself. Can this be done?A. Certainly. This can be done in two ways. If you can join us at our August Open House you’ll have a chance to see the Dance Center, meet the director and all of the teachers, and see videos of our latest recital on a 50-inch screen. But there’s much more to our Open House. It’s more like a big party with free face painting, balloon sculptures, a $3 grab bag of dance wear, and door prizes. If you’re reading this after the Open House date we would still be pleased to have you drop by. Up until classes start just call us for times. Of course, when classes start you can come in any time that classes are in session.

Q. How much do lessons cost?
A. Tuition for the September to June season for a class that meets once a week for one hour is $60 a month. See our Family Rates.

Q. I’ve heard that DanceXtra includes 5 categories of dance in 1 class. Does DanceXtra cost more than your other classes?
A. No! DanceXtra is a one-hour class that meets once a week just like the others, so tuition is the same as our other classes. We concentrate on two categories of dance for the whole year and include the other three categories for 10 weeks each. 

Q. What happens if my child misses a class?
A. Because of our size, we have many sections of appropriate alternate classes available. When a class is missed the student is invited to make up the lesson in an alternate class.

Q. Does my child’s hair have to be worn in a certain style?
A. Our serious older ballet students will want to wear their hair in a bun like the proficient ballerinas they hope to become. For the younger students we say, “Come as you are”. All conservative hair styles are acceptable.

Q. Do you give trophies and awards?
A. Yes! On the last class before the Recital in June, all students receive a free Recital Participation Trophy. In addition, all students who have not missed a class, or who have missed classes and made them up are given Perfect Attendance Ribbons.

Q. Do students get seats to watch their recital?
A. Yes! A row of seats in the audience is reserved (free) for each class so that students can see their own recital. Each recital show is only a little over 2 hours long.

Q. Are recital rehearsals an all-day affair?
A. No! Each class comes to the theater at a scheduled time, rehearses its dance(s) and then leaves. Each class is there for only about an hour.

Q. Do you have a holiday show in December?
A. Yes! Each class is invited to take part in the Winter Holiday Show.  Note that there are no catalog costumes to buy.  We ask you to put together an outfit from standard pieces you may already have in your wardrobe, such as a white turtle neck, holiday sweater, pink leotard etc.