All DanceXtraSM classes begin with 20 minutes of BALLET and 20 minutes of TAP. During the last 20 minutes of each one-hour lesson one of the following new disciplines is introduced: GYMNASTICS, BATON TWIRLING, and either CREATIVE DANCE or JAZZ with HIP-HOP.  The new discipline changes every 10 weeks!


DanceXtraSM students perform in:

  • Two Recital Performances (a ballet dance and a tap dance).

  • Winter Holiday Show

The Story of DanceXtraSM

Over 50 Years Teaching Dance

Corrine Gangi has been teaching dancing continuously for most of her life (the Corrine Somann Dancing School, managed by her mother, opened when she was 14 years old).  During those many years she has been responsible for teaching more than 20,000 different students, the majority of them youngsters!

Today’s Child

In the last few decades we’ve seen that children’s lifestyles have changed dramatically.  They now have DVDs, computers, the Internet, CDs, video games, cell phones and more so that the attention spans of today’s young children are much shorter than their mom’s or their grandmom’s. In recent years it has become clear that young children tire of doing any one thing for a whole hour. Even one-hour classes in which ballet and tap are taught for half an hour each bore them.

DanceXtraSM, a Fresh Approach

In DanceXtraSM we teach 20 minutes each of ballet and tap leaving the last twenty minutes for something different – call it the dessert if you will. For the first 10 weeks dessert is baton twirling – we supply the batons (great for eye-hand coordination). The next 10 weeks brings gymnastics (very basic with emphasis on safety). For the third 10 weeks those below 2nd grade get creative dance (they dance out their own stories to classical music), the 2nd and 3rd graders get jazz with hip-hop.  The last 10 weeks concentrates on stage performance.

DanceXtraSM, a Huge Success since 1993

We’ve been offering DanceXtraSM classes since 1993 and they have been immensely popular (more than 4,000 youngsters have participated). The number of parents who opt for these classes for their children increases every year!  Students continue taking various DanceXtraSM classes year after year until they get to an age where they decide to concentrate on more advanced classes.  DanceXtraSM classes fully prepare them for the move.

The DanceXtraSM Student

In our yearly recital DanceXtraSM students get to perform in two dances: ballet and tap.  Experience has shown that these children perform every bit as well as, and often better than, students who take traditional children’s classes.  And the DanceXtraSM students come out of the experience with a broader awareness of dance having learned some creative dancing, jazz dancing, gymnastics, and baton twirling – and they had a whole lot of fun while doing it!


Some Frequently Asked Questions About DanceXtraSM

Q: What do the DanceXtraSM students learn during the 10-week gymnastic session?
A: Concentration is on SAFETY: learning to do gymnastics correctly as opposed to “backyard gymnastics” where children try to copy what they see on TV. Classes start with proper stretching. They learn forward roll, back roll, cartwheel, bridge, headstand and splits. They also walk a very low balance beam (5 inches off the floor).

Q: Creative dance is one of the five disciplines taught in the younger DanceXtraSM classes. What is creative dance?
A: In creative dance the teacher uses classical music and picks out a theme, for example “I am a leaf”. Children dance out a story about a day in the life of a leaf with the teacher. Then the children make up their own stories and dance them to the music. Each week a new theme is selected.

Q: Do DanceXtraSM students perform in the Winter Holiday Show?
A: Yes! All currently enrolled students are invited to perform.

Q: What if my child misses a class?
A: We offer many sections of DanceXtraSM classes on different days and at different times (see the schedules shown above). Children can make up an absence in any other section of their class.

Q: Are DanceXtraSM students in the recital?
A: Yes! All DanceXtraSM classes perform two recital dances in the June recital: a ballet dance and a tap dance.

Q: What do the children wear in class?
A: We do not enforce a strict dress code.  Dancewear such as tights and leotard (any color) is recommended and preferred but anything that enables freedom of movement is acceptable (jeans are not acceptable). Shoes depend on the type of class: Tap and ballet students should have their dancing shoes (tap shoes/ballet slippers) by the third lesson.  All of your dancewear needs can be met in the dancewear shop on our premises.